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Joachim Rahlf SC Soft-Concept GmbH

I find File Jockey for Connections Cloud very convenient, easy to use and setup, and it gives me the option to work with a couple of Connections Cloud accounts at the same time, which is really useful feature for agencies working with multiple clients
Joachim Rahlf, CEO and Chairman, SC Soft-Concept GmbH, Germany

Gerald Kallas, CASAG

The one missing capability is to synchronize files offline on desktops, laptops and even mobile devices. That’s where Lialis is coming into the play. This IBM Business Partner offers a WebDAV interface for IBM Greenhouse/IBM Connections that can be used with a lot of WebDAV clients on different devices. I’ve tested it for a while and it closes really the gap. Well done, Lialis.
Gerald Kallas, Senior Retail Consultant, CAS AG, Germany

Mark Gesick, Ewin Irrigation

File Jockey brought another level of ROI for Ewing’s IBM Quickr, and iPad and iPhone investment. The product was very easy to install and support has been fantastic. My users are blown away; there’s a big “wow factor” for them. This has enabled 40 of my sales people to turn their laptops in and use iPads online. I don’t have one single complaint or regret. It really is a great product, with great performance. Along with an IT hero factor, I couldn’t be happier.
Mark Gesick, Communications Manager, Ewing Irrigation, US

Bob Morin, Government of Alberta

We were looking at methods to have documents available on the iPad, and the ability for the contents of the documents to be synced when changes are made back in the home office. We’ve found it easy to use and easy to setup. And the support has been excellent! Now, we can easily ynchronise documents between our server and iPad’s using WebDAV via Goodreader.
Bob Morin, IT Manager, Government of Alberta, Canada

Robert Spaltenstein, Allianz

Our top management is using iPad’s to bring more efficiency into their regularly management meetings. All presentations and documents for a meeting are stored in a separate folder in a Quickr place. With the GoodReader iPad App the managers can automatically synchronize the documents to their iPad’s. All documents needed for a meeting are now stored locally on their iPad’s. We can so eliminate a lot of paper and we reduce printing costs.
Robert Spaltenstein, manager Groupware, Allianz Suisse, Schweiz

Kaspars Šmits, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons

There are fantastic possibilities for everyone who is playing around with files and IBM Connections (or Quicker, or even Notes) on their mobile devices, whether it is an iPad or mobile phone. Thanks Lialis for their WebDAV solution. It is really easy to set it up.
Kaspars Šmits, Head of Support Systems Division, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons

Werner Ermgassen, Gesamtmetall

We use File Jockey for the exchange of documents between iPad’s and Quickr. An important work method is that the user calls the office to prepare and place documents in Quickr which are needed with high priority. For this setup every File Jockey iPad user has a personal Quickr place which is replicated completely with the iPad. Main benefit: no documents in public clouds!
Werner Ermgassen, IT and Communication, Gesamtmetall, Germany

Geert van der Wielle, CFE

The strength of the product is the ability to archive Quickr places to file server environments, etc … As a construction company we’re using Lotus Quickr as a project content management system but every time a project finishes we had difficulties to create or off-load the As Built documents to hand over to the client. Within the File Jockey solution now we can easily create those files.
Geert van der Wielle, manager, CFE, Belgium

Friso van den Berg, The Salvation Army

We couldn’t store the Lotus Quickr files on the iPad, because we’re not always online. This made synchronization a problem. The most important benefits of this solution for use are: being able to manage files offline on the iPad; being able to synchronize files with Quickr; allowing multiple people to use the solution.
Friso van den Berg, head of IT, Salvation Army, Netherlands

Ralf Simon, Count Care

Last year we saw an increase in the use of iPad’s and other mobile devices. The problem was to provide the users with the necessary data. After a research in the internet, we found the solution, it was File Jockey. The support is good and fast. We are very satisfied with the product, it extends the use of Lotus Quickr.
Ralf Simon, IT Professional, Count and Care, Germany
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