Migrating and synchronizing files between SharePoint and IBM Connections with File Jockey

Recently I had two clients who are using File Jockey to copy files between SharePoint and Connections. Its great to see how people fix their challenges with File Jockey. This blog explains how to carry out this task and how File Jockey is a part in the process. In SharePoint files are stored in Libraries in most occasions. When the files are stored in Lists the files are not so important compared with the List columns. So we focus on SharePoint Libraries in this post. In a SharePoint Library the files can be stored in the default way or the files are stored in SharePoint document sets. The trick is to open the Library in the internet explorer because then you will have this option under Library settings available (it is greyed out in all other browsers). When you press it it will open the library as a network drive in your Windows file explorer. The next trick is to create a network drive, so copy the SharePoint URL as illustrated below The create a new network drive No need to enter credentials in my case, I guess its already cached somewhere in Windows. And a new network drive is created.   The SharePoint library will display the same files obvious. The same approach will also work if the SharePoint library is using document sets which contains folders and files. Now we have one network drive that displays the files in a SharePoint library.   What about IBM Connections? Default the client can install the IBM Desktop plugin. The issue with the desktop plugin is that it does not allow you to copy to or from a while community. For example, if I would like [...]