The executives of your organization – or maybe even you yourself – are championing the use of mobile computing, to refine and improve business processes. And you want to extend your IBM Connections so that users can access their files from anywhere in the world… without having to carry laptops with them.

If your users could access their files from their iPads, and synchronize them at the touch of a button… then meetings would be paperless. And every attendee would have immediate access to the most up-to-date information. Less time would be wasted. More decisions would be made. Progress would be faster.

That’s the power and the promise of mobile computing. But there’s just one problem.

Cloud Services Are Definitely
Not an Option – They’re “No Go”

If you’ve done your research (and you probably have), then you’ll find that….

WebDAV Is Your Only Option

File Jockey allows customers to access their files from their Android (and iPads) and synchronize them easily, without using the cloud. The files are synced directly with their own servers, using WebDAV, which is supported by many Android and iOS apps.

To show you how this solution works, we’ve installed File Jockey onto one of our own cloud servers… so you can use it with the IBM Greenhouse environment and your mobile device. This service for free and you don’t have to sign up to anything or create an account. (You just need your free IBM Greenhouse account)

Please read on how to set it up and use it with the files in IBM Greenhouse Connections on your Android device with the best WebDAV app at this moment.

Install FolderSync.

Install FolderSync

For this blog we used this version

FolderSync version 2.4.8

Go to accounts

FolderSync_Go to account

Press add account

FolderSync_Add account

Choose WebDAV

FolderSync_Choose WebDAV

Settings and press Test Connections Button.
For accessing IBM Connections files on IBM Greenhouse please use
the server address and your personal Greenhouse credentials.

FolderSync test connection

Press Save

Save button

use the URL

Go to settings and press Folderpairs
Now I will setup a sync of the Connections My Files to my Android device

Android FolderSync press Folderpairs

Next you must tap on the box below the Remote Folder,
this will show you the files in IBM Connections on Greenhouse

Android FolderSync Remote Folder

For the purposes of this walk through, I’m selecting My Files,
the same applies to My Folders, Communities or other files and folders.
Press My Files and press Select Folder

Android FolderSync Select Folder

Next choose the local folder where to sync the files to on your Android device.
I choose to store the files in a local folder Greenhouse/Connections/My Files

local Greenhouse folder

These are the settings so far

Android FolderSync settings

The sync type for My Files and Folders must be Two Way.

The Sync Type for Communities is to Local folder (so download only).
There are a few more options you may set. I have chosen

Android FolderSync extra options

Save the FolderPair

FolderSync Save folderpair

Under Folderpairs you will see this

FolderSync Folderpairs

Press the round going arrows to start the sync

Under Sync Status you cans see what happens

FolderSync sync status

Under file manager you can access the files downloaded from Connections

Android FolderSync File Manager

I created a second Folderpair to download a community

FolderSync Folderpair

File Jockey is also available for on-premises use (free for one user) or in the Cloud (free for one month)

Download File Jockey
Sign up File Jockey Cloud