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When you have read File Jockey blogs before, you will have noticed that we love GoodReader for iOS devices, to combine with File Jockey for downloading and uploading files in your IBM environment. Good.iWare Ltd. has launched GoodReader 4, the next generation of the famous GoodReader app.

  • Advantage: many new convenient features. For a complete overview just visit the GoodReader website.
  • Disadvantage: you have to purchase the app, even if you are already a GoodReader user.

Is it worth the investment? Let’s find out!

You can use the File Jockey software on-premises (or in the Cloud);

Free download File Jockey

In this blog I will use IBM Greenhouse to test with, while it is a complete and free IBM Connections test environment, just sign up. Go to the Appstore on your mobile device, search for GoodReader 4 and make the purchase. Another option would be to open GoodReader 3, go to settings and there you will see a migration message (see below). When you press this option you will get the possibility to purchase GoodReader 4.

I’ve chosen to purchase the app from the Appstore (price can change over time and be different per country):

GoodReader 4 in the Appstore

The app is now available on your mobile device(s). When you open the app and you are a GoodReader 3.x user, you will instantly get a message to Launch the GoodReader Migration Assistant, while the app detects that the previous GoodReader app is also on your mobile device. It is not necessary to migrate at once, you can do this later by just opening the GoodReader settings and select the migration option. This is both possible in the GoodReader 3.x app (Migrate to GoodReader 4) as in the new GoodReader 4 app (Migrate from GoodReader 3). If you do migrate, not only your documents will be migrated, also your available Server connections will become available in GoodReader 4.

GoodReader 3 app message to migrate to GoodReader 3 GoodReader 4 app message to migrate from GoodReader 3

Migrate GoodReader 3.x to GoodReader 4

Although this has nothing to do with file sharing, I do want to supply you with a complete manual (and I prefer to migrate the Server connections), so press the Launch Migration Assistant button to start the migration. Note: the files are being copied, so you need enough free space to do so. Independent which of the two apps you use to start the migration, the migration is established automatically from the GoodReader 3.x app. Launch GoodReader Migration Assistant

After pushing the button, the GoodReader 3.x app is opened presenting Migration information. The message indicates that each setting and file in the GoodReader 3.x app will be transferred from GoodReader 3.x to GoodReader 4. So if you have already changed settings or downloaded files in GoodReader 4, these will be deleted! Good.iWare Ltd. advise you to keep both apps available for a while until you are absolutely certain the migration was completed successfully.

Start migration to GoodReader 4

Press the Start Migration button. You will receive a Final Warning, press Proceed.

Final Warning during the GoodReader migration

When the migration has finished you will receive the following message:

GoodReader migration is successful

GoodReader 3.x app is closed automatically. Let’s continue.

Using GoodReader 4 with File Jockey

Open the GoodReader 4 app on your mobile device (in this manual I use the iPad as you will have noticed). There are several new functionality. One of them is the possibility to create a new PDF. Style and fill it the way you are used to with existing PDF’s in GoodReader 3, extended with several new interesting options. Press Manage Files, followed by New PDF.

Manage files in Goodreader 4

Fill in a PDF file name

New PDF file name

The new PDF file is now available. You can add text, pictures, etc as you are used to (if not, press learn how to read PDFs), but you can also choose to add information from other PDF’s you have created before (they have to be available in or accessible with GoodReader). New blanc PDF available in GoodReader 4

Click on the PDF pages icon. The available pages are presented. While it is a new PDF, there is only one page currently. Press the Append button to get access to the existing files and folders synced in GoodReader.

Append option to add information

Select the preferred PDF, or a folder first and then one or more PDF’s. Append a PDF from File Jockey folder

Press the Append button to copy the PDF pages to the PDF file we are working in. PDF pages are added to the existing PDF

Press the Save button to complete the adding of the pages. You will be asked if you want to save the PDF changes to the current PDF or create a copy.

Save PDF options

Choose Edit this file to add the pages to the new PDF file. Let’s Append another PDF to get the feeling and to be able to demonstrate some other options.

Append another PDF

For example Move pages in the PDF file, by selecting a page in the PDF file and press the move option.

Move pages within the PDF in GoodReader 4

A new Move option appears, you can press Move here to move the selected page to that location

Move here to move a PDF page in GoodReader 4

Press the Move here option to move the selected page to the end or use one of the two other presented options. Let’s add some text to the first blanc page and then we are ready to upload the page to IBM Greenhouse.

Upload the PDF to IBM Greenhouse

There are several ways to upload the PDF file to IBM Greenhouse.

Upload option 1:

Go back to the main screen and select the IBM Greenhouse connection.

Select the IBM Greenhouse connection

Select the location you prefer (this can be My Files, Files, Library, etc) and press the Upload option at the bottom. The documents, folders, synchronized communities, etc, are presented. Select the document(s) you want to upload …

Upload PDF file in GoodReader to IBM Greenhouse

and press Upload x item (in this case Upload 1 item)

Sending file to IBM Connections


Upload option 2:

It is also possible to select the file (a community, multiple files, …) and press the Manage Files option. You will now see and ‘Upload’ option.

Upload PDF file in Goodreader with the Upload option

When you press this button, you will see the available server connections. Select IBM Greenhouse and the rest is similar to option 1.

Upload PDF file in Goodreader with the Upload option, select a server connection


Upload option 3:

You can also upload the PDF file from within the file, by using the IBM Connections app:

In the document, press the share icon and choose … Open In.

Upload the GoodReader pdf to IBM Greenhouse

Choose either one, in this case I choose Send PDF ‘as is’

Sending GoodReader PDF options

Select the IBM Connections app

Open GoodReader PDF in IBM Connections

The file is now uploaded to My Files in the IBM Connections app. It is not possible to upload a file to a Community.

Upload option 4:

Select the PDF file in GoodReader, select Manage Files, … Open In and choose Send PDF ‘as is’

Open file in app with the Open In option in GoodReader 4

Open the PDF in the IBM Connections app by choosing Open in Connections

Open the PDF in the IBM Connections app with Open in Connections

Leave the name as is and choose Upload

Leave the name as is and choose Upload

The PDF file is uploaded successfully to IBM Connections

PDF file is uploaded successfully to IBM Connections

Note: the IBM Connections app automatically opens the IBM environment you were connected with the last time. This can be your own organization’s IBM Connections environment, IBM Greenhouse or IBM Connections Cloud. The file is automatically uploaded to My Files (when you use File Jockey instead of the Connections app, you can determine the location you want to upload the file to. For more information view the File Sharing with IBM Connections 5 with and without File Jockey blog)

If you want to prevent the file to be uploaded to the wrong IBM environment, make sure you are logged out in the IBM Connections app. You will then first receive a message when you want to upload a file from GoodReader 4.

PDF file upload to IBM Greenhouse failed

Click OK and choose one of the locations presented or press the + in the corner

Connections I want to connect to

Synchronize PDF’s with IBM Greenhouse

When you have created a new PDF file and uploaded it the IBM Connections environment, the file is not automatically added for synchronization. Do the following to establish synchronization for the PDF file we have just created:

Connect with the IBM Greenhouse Connections environment, find the PDF file we have uploaded previously, select the file and press Sync at the bottom

Establish file synchronization in GoodReader 4

You will receive a Synchronization message, press Proceed

Proceed at the Download and Synchronize message

Select the location and press Download here and Synchronize

Select location and press Download here and Synchronize

The to be synchronized file already exists in GoodReader 4, press OK

To be synchronized file already exists in GoodReader 4

Press Sync when the Sync Parameters are presented. There are two different types of sync – normal sync and download-only sync. In this case we choose for the normal sync while normal sync is to keep the contents of a local file or a folder identical to what you have on a server. Download-only sync is a convenient distribution of frequently updated documents to a group of people. More information about this topic can be found in the GoodReader 4.0 user manual.

Press Sync at the Sync Parameters

PDF file synchronization is started

PDF file synchronization is started

Select ‘Choose action’

Choose action to synchronize pdf file

Determine how to synchronize the PDF file

determine how to synchronize the PDF file

Select in this case ‘Discard this conflict, files are identical’ and press Proceed.

The PDF file is now ready for synchronization with GoodReader, indicated by the green icon.

PDF file is ready for synchronization with GoodReader

All you have to do when you open GoodReader the next time is click the sync button, beside the file (to sync only this file) or at the bottom of the app (to synchronize multiple files/folders/communities)

Conclusion; Is it worth the investment? Yes!

  1. Good.iWare Ltd. has make sure that GoodReader 4 has new interesting functionality which will persuade you easily to purchase the latest version. For me personally the possibility to create a new PDF and start filling it with content written in the past by myself or my team members (split, merge, rearrange files) has the most advantage to Goodreader 3.
  2. It is always advisable to use the latest version of an app when you use it for business purpose.
  3. GoodReader has launched GoodReader 4 as an update for GoodReader 3.x which can indicate that GoodReader 3.x will no longer be updated with new functionality only with bug fixes. When you view GoodReader 3 in the app store the following is mentioned ‘This is NOT the latest version of GoodReader. The latest and most advanced version of GoodReader is a different app called “GoodReader 4.”

An app which gives you so much functionality to ease your every day work, which give you the possibility to work independent time and location, has proven itself in the past, … Of course it is worth the investment! 

Enjoy GoodReader 4 with File Jockey.

Free download File Jockey
GoodReader 4 download