Enjoy the pure note taking bliss with the Notability app and store and share your notes in IBM Connections and make paper a memory within your organisation.

Notability supports WebDAV to copy files to cloud storage solutions. With File Jockey you can connect IBM Connections and WebDAV enabled apps like Notability.

To show you how this solution works, we’ve installed File Jockey onto one of our own cloud servers… so you can use it with the IBM Greenhouse environment. This service for free and you don’t have to sign up to anything or create an account. You just need a free IBM Greenhouse account.

Storing a new note in IBM Connections

Install the Notability app on your iPad (for the Notability for iPhone manual, view the Notability on iPhone blog)

Setup Cloud services for WebDAV in Notability by pressing this icon

Notability button

Choose Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Choose WebDAV

Choose WebDAV

For the Address enter https://greenhouse.file-jockey.com for IBM Greenhouse Connections.
Enter your Greenhouse user name and password and press the link button.

Login to WebDAV - Notability

When done you should see this setting

WebDAV setting

Create a new note and save this note into IBM Connections

Create new note

I am going to store this file under my files in IBM Connections

Store under my files

The folder has been set, now choose the format

Choose format

Press Send to WebDAV

Press Send to WebDAV

And the files are now stored in IBM Connections

Importing a document from IBM Connections

Press this Import button in Notability

Import button

Now my personal files and communities are shown, this file I want is listed in a community

Personal files and communities

Select the correct community

WebDAV for IBM Connections

Choose the file you want to import

Choose file to import

Choose how to import this PDF

Choose how to import this PDF

Now the PDF file is imported, I can read it or modify it.

Notability is using cookies and this cannot be disabled in this app.

So make sure you type your WebDAV settings correct this first time, else you must restore you iPad and re install notability before you can try it again.

File Jockey is also available for on-premises use (free for one person) or in the Cloud (free for one month)

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