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Network drive support for IBM Connections

With File Jockey your users can work with the files stored in IBM Connections via an ordinary network drive


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File Jockey supports Apple Mac and Windows computers


Apple users can use the Mac's Finder to work with the files stored in IBM Connections

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The advantages of File Jockey compared with the IBM Desktop Plugin

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Feature List

Map a network drive on Mac and Windows computers displaying the files stored in IBM Connections My Files, My Folders, Community Files and Community Librariescheckmark File Jockey features
No program installation on the end users' computer is necessarycheckmark File Jockey features
Apple Mac computers are supportedcheckmark File Jockey features
Windows computers running Win7, Win8 and Win10 are supportedcheckmark File Jockey features
IBM Connections 4.5 and higher is supportedcheckmark File Jockey features
Full read and write support to the files stored in My Files, My Folders, Community Files and Community library Files (ECM)checkmark File Jockey features
Many mobile apps are supported on iPhone, iPad and Android devices (like Goodreader, Notability, Pages, Numbers and more)checkmark File Jockey features
Direct access to the IBM Connections files from Office programs like MS Officecheckmark File Jockey features
Versions and trash bin in IBM Connections are supported when updating or removing a file via the net work drivecheckmark File Jockey features
File Jockey is a java server program that can be installed on IBM WebSphere R8.5 or higher or Apache Tomcat R8 or highercheckmark File Jockey features

Use top business apps with IBM Connections.

Configure your iPhones, iPads, Android or other devices to communicate with the File Jockey server. Your team can then easily synchronize, download, upload, delete, modify or move attachments using their mobile device.

Many different iPhone and iPad iOS apps are supported: Goodreader; Notability; WebDAV Nav; iAnnotate PDF; OverTheAir; DocsAs; ReaddleDocs; Keynotes; Pages; Numbers and many more.

For Android, we recommend you use FolderSync

Looking to enhance your Document Management System with network drive functionality?

It is possible to connect File Jockey to your DMS, enhancing your DMS with the network drive functionality. The files inside your DMS will be brought to the Mac and Windows PC's via the File Jockey network drive. File Jockey is a server based Java program that will be tailored by the Lialis team so it supports your DMS. Please contact us for more information.


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Catherine Montes Restrepo
Gerente de Operaciones
TSGroup S.A.S
In our project we needed to move 200GB of information from Sharepoint to Connections Cloud.
The File Jockey tool is very suitable for this type of processes since it presents the information of Connections Cloud as a native unit of the operating system, which facilitates the operations between files and the transport of data between Connections Cloud and any other system of storage. Very useful for large file migrations to and from the IBM cloud.
February 2017