Mobile File Sync for IBM SmartCloud with File Jockey

File Jockey is designed to connect third party apps like Goodreader and Notability to the files stored in IBM SmartCloud.

All apps and programs that support the WebDAV protocol are supported (including Forklift for Mac).

These apps and programs are able, via File Jockey, to access the files in IBM SmartCloud.

File Jockey supports reading and writing files from these apps and programs to IBM SmartCloud.

What are the Strengths of File Jockey?

The strength of File Jockey is the freedom to choose the app or program most suitable for the task at hand. For example, Sales Reps on the road must have all files locally stored on their iPad or Android device and they need to press just one button to download the latest version of the files from the office to their preferred device. As another example, in meetings Managers need apps that are great at taking notes.

So how File Jockey is used within organisations depends on the apps being used. Each individual app has certain strengths that can bring great benefits to enterprises.

  • Goodreader is superior in downloading files and syncing file updates. This app is used by mobile work forces. In addition this app is a great document reader, file organizer and PDF editor. We have written this article to explain how Goodreader can be deployed and used.
  • Notability is a great note taking app. It allows users to retrieve PDF files via File Jockey and edit those PDFs in many ways; for example to add hand writing, add pictures or audio notes. Then the modified PDF file can be stored via File Jockey in the IBM systems. This article from the File Jockey blog, complete with a user manual, shows how to make paper a memory with Notability and File Jockey.

There are more great business apps in the market that support WebDAV, for example WebDAV Nav; iAnnotate PDF; OverTheAir; DocsAs…Note; ReaddleDocsKeynotes; Pages; and Numbers and FolderSync. You will be surprised what mobile apps are used by your employees to enable their work while on the move.

Most documents in your organisation are confidential. When you allow your employees to use File Jockey to sync files from IBM SmartCloud, IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Notes directly to their mobile devices, you will increase the usage and adoption of these IBM systems, create a secure alternative to cloud based file sharing solutions like Dropbox and thereby resolve any potential privacy concerns regarding your confidential documents.

Many of our clients have told us they didn’t actually realise how much their organisation had come to rely on mobile access to their IBM and Lotus files… until their server was down for maintenance and that access was temporarily unavailable.

Some of our clients have even completely transformed the way their organisations use IT and successfully paved the way for huge refinements to their business processes. As an additional benefit, their contributions were also recognised by their peers.

You too can use File Jockey to transform your enterprise… and empower your colleagues to be more efficient.

File Jockey will help organisations to bring down their usage of paper. Printing meeting documents will be history because all meeting documents can now be synced to the iPad with Goodreader. Writing notes on paper and then emailing those notes will be history with Notability. With this app you will be able to take notes during a meeting and share the notes directly with your team right after the meeting.

With File Jockey you will transform the way your organisation uses IT. You will pave the way for huge refinements to business processes. This will be recognized by your peers.

Empower your colleagues to be more efficient.

Suppose you are building a custom app for your mobile workforce, for example an app to be used by your inspectors on the road. Naturally this app needs access to documents which are managed at the office in IBM SmartCloud, IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr or Lotus Notes. File Jockey uses the WebDAV standard to communicate with apps on mobile devices.  Most mobile app development platforms have standard libraries included for implementing the WebDAV functionality in apps. So it is relatively easy to build your custom app to access files through the WebDAV protocol via File Jockey.

The power of File Jockey is that it fully supports the WebDAV protocol and therefore it has a wide range of potential implementations.

WebDAV is a standard; this means that not only are Apple and Android device apps supported – printers and fax machines support WebDAV as well. There are WebDAV programs on Windows, Linux and Mac computers that allow direct access to the files stored in the IBM Systems from PCs and servers. If you need to do something exotic with the files stored in IBM SmartCloud, IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr or Lotus Notes then File Jockey is your tool.

Interested? Please Select a Suitable Plan

  • Pay As You Go Plan
  • $2
  • Price is per user per month, with no additional costs
  • Two months free evaluation period
  • You will receive instant access after signing up (via confirmation email with instructions)
  • At the end of each month we count the total number of users and charge your credit card (not applicable in the evaluation period). No users in a particular month means no charge.
  • Dedicated Server Plan
  • $2500
  • Price is per month for a dedicated File Jockey server
  • No free evaluation period
  • You will receive access via a dedicated File Jockey URL a few working days after signing up
  • The server performance is fixed to Amazon EC2 type c1.xlarge. If server performance is insufficient you can request an additional server. This server can service hundreds of concurrent users for enterprises up to 10k employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about security?
First of all we make sure all communications over the internet are encrypted by HTTPS. Your IBM SmartCloud credentials, set on the mobile device, are given to the File Jockey server which passes these credentials to the IBM SmartCloud server. Lialis does not log the client’s passwords, only user names are logged on the File Jockey server. The File Jockey server does not check if the user’s credentials are valid. It will allow any user (who knows the File Jockey URL) to pass through to the IBM SmartCloud server. On the File Jockey cloud server we cache the client’s documents sent to or received from the IBM SmartCloud servers to improve the speed of the File Jockey server. These files are stored encrypted on the File Jockey server and are removed after 60 minutes if the files are not used by the users. File Jockey can not and will not access these documents.  The File Jockey cloud servers run on Amazon EC2 server which are secured by Amazon security groups and firewalls. File Jockey Cloud runs on Apache Tomcat Windows 2008 server.
How do I get started?
After you sign up you will immediately receive an email with a link to a page with instructions on how to set up your mobile devices to access the files in IBM SmartCloud via the File Jockey server. On this page file we also provide information on how other programs and operating systems (like Mac) can be configured to access the files in IBM SmartCloud via the File Jockey server.
What happens after the 2 month evaluation period?
Before the evaluation period ends we will send you an email asking if you would like to continue using File Jockey for IBM SmartCloud. This email will contain a secure link to a sign up form in which we will request necessary details like company name, contact person and credit card number. The company contact person will get a File Jockey admin account from us. This account can be used to view the File Jockey usage.
What about contract termination?
With us termination is easy. When you use the Pay As You Go plan we will not bill your credit card if there are no File Jockey user sessions carried out by your users. With the Dedicated Server plan the termination period is one month. Please send us an email if you choose to no longer use File Jockey Dedicated Server Plan for IBM SmartCloud.
Where and how do I get support?

Can all my colleagues use the File Jockey server?
Yes. Feel free to distribute the instructions you receive from us after signing up for your colleagues to evaluate this service as well.
Why don't we need your IBM SmartCloud credentials?
When you sign up for File Jockey for IBM SmartCloud you will notice we don’t ask for your IBM SmartCloud password; we only ask for your email address. The File Jockey server is set up in such a way that any user is allowed to use the File Jockey server to access IBM SmartCloud. The big advantage of this approach is that you are free to choose the colleagues who will use this service without informing us. So feel free to distribute the instructions among your colleagues.
What about the IBM Connections app?
The IBM Connections app is a great and complete app for IBM Connections. File Jockey is not an app. File Jockey is a service that allows IBM SmartCloud users to use any app to work with the files stored in IBM SmartCloud. The strength of File Jockey is the freedom to choose the app or program most suitable for the task at hand. For example, Sales Reps on the road must have all sales files locally stored on their iPad or Android and they just need to press one button to download the last version of the files from the office to the iPad or Android device. For meetings, managers need apps that are great at taking notes and are able to store those notes directly into IBM SmartCloud. In these areas the IBM Connections app is limited and File Jockey and third party apps supply the needed functionality.
Can I install File Jockey for my own IBM Connections install?
File Jockey can be installed on premises on IBM Lotus Domino server (R8* and R9) and on any J2EE server like Apache Tomcat and IBM WebSphere, and you can configure it for your IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr (Domino and J2EE) or any Lotus Notes database. Then you simply configure your iPhones, iPads, Androids or other devices to communicate with the File Jockey server software via HTTPS.  Please continue reading here or download File Jockey now with one free user license.

Download File Jockey


File Jockey is also available as a Cloud SaaS service for IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr (Domino and J2EE). You don’t have to install anything on your own servers. You simply provide us with the URL of your IBM Lotus Quickr and/or IBM Connections servers and we will provide you with a URL your team can use to access their files via the File Jockey Cloud server. Please continue reading here or sign up for one month’s free usage of File Jockey Cloud.

File Jockey Cloud Sign Up
Under the bonnet of File Jockey
File Jockey is server software that sits between IBM SmartCloud and mobile devices. On the left hand side File Jockey talks API language to IBM SmartCloud servers. On the right hand side File Jockey talks WebDAV language to the apps and programs on mobile devices and computers. File Jockey supports IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Domino servers with Notes databases. Please visit this page to learn more about File Jockey.

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